Is It Love?

Egg heart shaped bread photo

Is this a sign?  Notice the heart-shaped bread?  I promise I did not in any way manipulate the bread into a shape of a heart….it was that way in the package.  Is it a sign love is in the air?  Stay tuned……..

Purple Is Hot & Healthy!

Purple and eggplant

I love autumn!  The robust colors of autumn foods are magical.  Deep purple is a dramatic color all by itself.  But a natural, nutritious purple food?   The deep color purple reminds me of a favorite outfit I designed in college of shorts with a midi-length vest.  The purple fabric was a luscious, soft suede […]

Timeless Necklace With Memories

2012-11-29 Christmas 2012 005

This is a beautiful needlepoint angel by my mom lovingly crafted with thousands of stitches and hours of time. Mom loves to needlepoint unusual Christmas ornaments for our tree. She adapted this angel from artist Vicchio di Mugello (Frienze) 1387-Roma 1455, who painted this musician angel.  There are nearly 100 angel and Santa ornaments that adorn […]

‘Uncorked’ Art Necklace

WP-2 necklace 9-17-2015

OI was having happy hour with a few friends and the discussion gravitated to all the wine corks we had opened over the years.  Some of our corks are  distinctive and some of the wine was $$$.  There were many happy occasions when we uncorked a carefully selected bottle of wine and tossed the cork […]

Simple Living: The South’s Summer Sandwich

tomato sandwich actual size

Simple but so tasty!  The peak flavors of summer are bursting with personality in the USA southern style tomato sandwich.  Keep it easy…..sourdough bread, local grown tomatoes and good quality mayonnaise (but sure to read the labels!).  Easy Recipe: Peel tomatoes.  Slice.  Sprinkle lightly with salt.  Leave them alone about 30 minutes.  Generously smear mayo […]